(-: My new career as photo model :-)

A week photoshoot with Kinetic Balance in Capetown, March 2018

At nearly 50 years old and 20 years in a wheelchair, life is still full opportunities!!! A friend from my kiteboarding club, Erwin Jansen told me he was developing clothing for seated people. I never heard of special casual clothes for wheelchair users, I was busier developing high-tech equipment for my “sitkite” activities, either wave riding or foiling, but when he showed me some samples of jeans and jackets I was directly hooked!! He had thought of every technical detail and it was really nice looking too. From that moment on I wanted to participate at the development of new products at Kinetic Balance.

It resulted in my first photoshoot trip as ambassador for Kinetic Balance. With a small team, we went to Cape town, South Africa to shoot for one week. I discovered the constraints of pausing and repeating endlessly the same movement in front of a photographer or a cameraman. The guys from Eyeforce were really professional; they have worked with the biggest windsurf and kitesurf celebrities.

It resulted in a brand movie and many nice pics on the website of Kinetic Balance. And for me a few nice kite sessions in one of the best wave riding spots in the World.

Many thanks Erwin for this unique experience, hope to continue assisting in the development of products at Kinetic Balance.


All photo credits: Kinetic Balance